Why does patient travel to India from Nepal

Released Date : 2022-01-06

Why does patient travel to India from Nepal

India, formally the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh largest country in terms of area. India is a country in which people from far and wide including Nepal come here for treatment. People of Nepal come to India and get their treatment done. India is a unique and convenient place for the people of Nepal mainly in terms of travel, accommodation and treatment. India has always been a very good place for the people of Nepal. We are thankful to all those who came before us today.

Advantages of medical treatment in India for Nepal People:

  • Nepal People not require a passport or visa for entry into India

Visa is not required for the people of Nepal, you can see the policy guidelines related to Indian visa on this.

Visit Policy guidelines

  • Top Doctors in India

There are very good doctors in India who are full of skill and experience, who take care of the health of the patient in a good way. Indian doctors take care of the whole body of the patient so that no patient gets upset and worried.

  • World class Hospitals in India

There are many JCI-accredited treatment centers in India. Still, it is important to choose the best neurosurgeon, cardio, plastic surgery, cancer care combo for a patient coming to India. After treatment, the patient has the option of recovering in a hospital or in a nearby private overnight facility. Many hospitals also offer telehealth as an alternative to ongoing treatment. All of these options offer unique functions that are intensively cared for by each physician.

  • Availability of latest medical technologies

Robotic Surgery and Cancer Treatment Available in India.Surgery, most cancers treatment, radiotherapy, vaccination, gender reassignment, liver transplant, mixture treatment options, and pharmacogenomics are all typical most cancers treatment options in India.

  • World Class Facilities in India

There are many facilities available in the medical field in India for the people of Nepal. The National Institutes and Centers for Advanced Research (NIOC) with their labs, hospitals etc. can provide affordable health care to everybody on earth including children from a young age through direct contact or at least indirect contacts via treatment programs and plan.

  • Reduced costs

For the people of Nepal here in India, along with good facilities, very cheap treatment and medicines are also available.

  • Best Medication System

India has the ability to work in a very good systematic way. Those who are committed with good thoughts and good behavior. That's why tourists are very much attracted and impressed here.

  • No language barrier

There is no language barrier in India for the people of Nepal. Here the people of Nepal mingle easily with the Indians.

People of Nepal are always welcome to come here. You can come to India for medical treatment at any time. We are dedicated and committed to serve you day and night. You can tell us to come here which will help you in your treatment and travel. We provide all these services for you as you can see below.

Our Services:

  1. Medical opinion services from top hospital and clinics in India.
  2. Visa invitation services.
  3. Individualized screening and treatment program in India in accordance with your personal needs and requirements (clinic, doctor, and price).
  4. Organization of your visit: we send you budget estimation and all necessary documents to obtain a visa.
  5. Where needed we also provide accommodation services for them
  6. Translation of your medical records in India.
  7. Top health care facilities and specialists back home. 
  8. Post-emergency health navigation services.
  9. Health information packages sent by mail. 
  10. Review of costs incurred.
  11. Negotiation of medical fees, when necessary.
  12. Transport Arrangement Airport to hotel/ Guest House/Hospital to Airport.
  13. Home-delivery meals.
  14. Accommodation arrangement for patient and attendant.
  15. Local SIM CARD Arrangement for making call.
  16. Personal Assistant for touring, shopping, etc.

NOTE : Need any medical backing services for medical treatments, Croakers, Surgeries and Medication and further details please communicate at Whatsapp +91-888-2424-372/+91-991-0655-125 or Email at query@satyughealthcare.com

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